Yunting Li      

Yunting Li                                

Program: Communication

Home Country: China

How did you first hear about the UAC, and what made you choose to attend the UAC over other schools?

I was living in Utah and took a tour of the Salt Lake City Campus. During the tour they told us about the UAC so I did some research about it and decided it would be a good experience, since I could get a US education in a foreign country. I’d already studied in the US for middle school and high school, so I wanted to try a different place. Utah is so different from China which is where I’m from, and I’d always wanted to go back to the big city so this seemed like a great fit.

What are some advantages of studying at the UAC?

Classes at the UAC are much smaller than at the Salt Lake City Campus, so students have more chances to ask questions and get help from the professor. At the Salt Lake City Campus classes are bigger so you might not have a chance to ask questions, but here all the professors’ offices are located in the same building as our classes, so it’s pretty easy for us to go get help and get our questions answered in a short period of time. I think that’s good. All the professors are very friendly and willing to help you whenever they can.

What would you say to prospective international students who are considering attending the UAC?

This isn’t necessarily related to college life, but I know there are lots of KPop fans around the world. Every semester IGC has a music festival and they always invite one or two KPop idols to perform. So if you come to the UAC, who knows, maybe you’ll get to meet a KPop idol!