Jasmin Valdivia

Jasmin Valdivia

Program: Communication

Home Country: USA


How did you first hear about the UAC?

I had originally planned to attend the Salt Lake City campus, but during my tour there I heard about the UAC. When I heard that they had my intended major (Communication) and that the price was the same, it was a no-brainer. I thought, why would I not go abroad for the same price?

What made you choose to attend the UAC over other schools?

I really wanted to go to the University of Utah, that was my top school. Being at the UAC is a win-win because it’s an international campus, everything is done in English so I can be comfortable and active in my classes. I can be abroad while still getting University of Utah quality, and still at a great price.

What are some highlights of student life in Korea?

You learn a lot about yourself when you go to college. I think when you go to college abroad, you learn so much more about the entire world and it adds more to the experience, so it’s a great opportunity. I was watching Trevor Noah, he said the best antidote to ignorance Is to go abroad and it’s true! Being in Korea as a student you learn so much about yourself and how you interact with people from different cultures, so then when you go back to your home country and you apply for a job, you’re so much more open minded and able to work with many different people.

What would you say to prospective international students who are considering attending the UAC?

Come to the UAC! If you want to add something awesome to your college experience, come to a foreign country. The UAC is awesome because everything’s in English, and here on campus you can operate how you’re used to and also get the help you need to go out in Korea and explore with confidence. Since we’re a small school you can make really good friends here. I know it may seem intimidating to come to a foreign country, for me this is my first time being out of the house and away from my family. But I think the students and staff here really do help make the experience in Korea comfortable. It may seem scary but it’s not, it’s really fun.