Heather Meyer

Heather Meyer

Program: Communication

Home Country: USA

What made you choose to attend the UAC over other schools?

I’d been attending community college in the US, but I knew I wanted to study abroad in Korea (I love KPop!). When I heard about the UAC and that it had the major I was studying, and that I could study full-time for a good price, I decided it was just a great option.

What would you say to prospective international students who are considering attending the UAC?

I would say it’s a great experience, everyone’s really friendly here. Of course all new experiences come with challenges, but I think it’s great to be able to say “I studied abroad and this was my experience, I was able to thrive in a foreign country.”

What are some of the highlights of student life in Songdo?

Being here in Songdo is great. It’s a new city so you don’t have to be nervous about going out and exploring, because everything is new to everyone here. It might seem scary to go out without knowing Korean, but transportation in Songdo is easy and everything is close together. I think it’s a great area for students because food is cheap, the scenery is pretty, karaoke is cheap. You study here and there’s plenty to do, and of course you always have the option to go to Seoul.