How to issue official transcript

Log in to CIS: student tab: grades box: order your official transcripts: follow prompts to order

How to issue verification of enrollment

Log in to CIS: student tab: student records box: self-service verification link: enrollment status: follow prompts to order

Leave of Absence

Undergraduate students who have registered for and completed university credit classes can request an extension of their enrollment eligibility for a maximum period of seven consecutive semesters (including summers) to be reviewed on a case by case basis.

How to file a Leave of Absence

Log in to CIS and click on the “Undergraduate Leave of Absence Request” link in the Student Records box under the Student tab.

Policy 6-404 III Section H http://regulations.utah.edu/academics/6-404.php

Students applying for a Leave of Absence may also want to visit the University College website http://advising.utah.edu/topics/leave-of-absence.php for helpful suggestions, things to do before leaving, and things to do upon returning to the University. Please meet with your Enrollment Coordinator before taking a leave.

It is the student’s responsibility to register for his/her returning semester. If he/she needs to extend his/her Leave of Absence, the student will need to submit an extension by logging in to CIS and click on the “Undergraduate Leave of Absence Request” link in the Student Records box under the Student tab and upload new official documentation to support the extension request. If a student does not register for the returning term requested, he/she must readmit through the Admissions Office. Also, please keep in mind that if you take unauthorized leave, you may lose your scholarship.

International Undergraduate Students

International undergraduate students on D-2 visa taking a leave of absence must leave the country within 30 days from your approval date and need to apply for visa again when you return.

Military Duty

Military duty are mandatory for all Korean male citizen. You can find qualifications, recruitment schedule, application process, required documentations and more information from the Military Manpower Administration website here http://www.mma.go.kr/index.do. Don’t forget to complete a Leave of Absence so that you can return easily to the UAC with your current scholarship.

Mobilization Training Deferment

How to apply:

There are two ways you can defer your mobilization training.

  1. Reserve Forces Training website https://www.yebigun1.mil.kr/index_main.do
    Click on the “apply for deferment” in the deferment/cancellation tab. Please make sure to upload your verification of enrollment.
  2. You can also visit your local reserve forces training office in “동사무소” to apply for your deferment. Please bring your verification of enrollment with you.

If you take a leave of absence, graduate from the university or enroll more than eight semesters, you are no longer eligible to defer your mobilization training and therefore you need to cancel your deferment by clicking on “해소신청” in the deferment/cancellation tab within 14 days of its occurrence. If not, you may be prosecuted.

Lost Student ID Cards?

If you need to reissue your student ID cards, please send your complete ID application and proof of payment to Min Young Kim at mykim@igc.or.kr