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Research Paper Accepted by the Undergraduate Journal of Contemporary Issues & Media

We are proud to announce that Eojin (Gabriella) Lee, a sophomore student of UAC majoring in psychology, received the exciting news on May 20, 2024. Her paper was accepted for publication in the Undergraduate Journal of Contemporary Issues & Media, the journal of the University of Utah’s Writing and Rhetoric Studies Department. Her article will be published in February 2025, marking the first time a UAC student has been published in the journal.

Eojin’s research paper, which originated from her WRTG 2010 (Intermediate Writing) course last Fall 2023 semester, explores the credibility of using Chat GPT in academic settings. Her insightful analysis highlights the importance of not trusting Chat GPT always and preserving one’s own unique writing style. As the use of generative AI is significantly growing in academia, including the field of psychology, she recognized the importance of delving into this topic. During the copy-editing, she adopted minor changes by enhancing her thesis, addressing some grammatical issues, and improving her supporting evidence.

We hope her achievement will inspire fellow psychology students to engage in academic publication and pursue research interests. Congratulations, Eojin!

The website of the Office of Undergraduate Research can be viewed here: