Your university education is one of the best investments you’ll ever make—but it doesn’t have to be the biggest. A degree at the Utah Asia Campus is a phenomenal value. Your Utah degree will prepare you to make a lifelong global impact. All students must spend two semesters on the Salt Lake City Campus. Please click here for more information on The University of Utah Salt Lake City Campus tuition. 

Cost of Attendance

Costs shown here do not reflect scholarships awarded, which can significantly impact the final cost of attendance. Click here for more information about scholarships.

Estimated 2017 – 2018 Academic Year Cost of Attendance (Asia Campus)

UAC tuition schedule is based on full-time enrollment (12 – 17 credit hours in both Fall and Spring semesters).  Students who elect to enroll in more than 17 credit hours during the Fall or Spring semester will be charged an additional $700 per credit hour above 17 credit hours without exception.  Student who enroll in less than 12 credits per semester will be charged $900 per credit hour. 

Asia Campus Cost of Attendance Per Term Estimated

Books and Supplies$616.00
Loan Fees $42.00
Miscellaneous* $1,188.00
Room and Board** $2,766.00
Travel*** $1,500.00
Tuition $10,000.00

All costs are subject to change without notice and are expected to increase annually. The Cost of Attendance is based on estimated figures and may not accurately reflect an individual student’s costs. The combination of the direct and indirect costs will be used to determine financial aid.
*Miscellaneous costs include things like medical expenses, clothing, haircuts, telephone, and other utilities, etc.
**Estimated Room & Board costs may vary based on room type selection.
***Based on a round-trip flight between the US and Korea
§Fees associated with student loan borrowing have been accounted for in the total budget for both Residents and Non-residents. Loan fees will vary.

Please keep in mind that your individual program or coursework may have additional fees associated.
As mentioned, the Cost of Attendance is based on estimated figures, and as such, it may not accurately reflect an individual student’s costs.  For this reason, a student may appeal, or request an adjustment to the COA for one of the following reasons:

  • A computer purchase for educational purposes, one time increase
  • Child Care expenses incurred while the student and/ or spouse are at school or work
  • Unusual Medical/Dental expenses, not covered by insurance and not itemized on tax returns
  • Approved University of Utah study abroad programs
  • Costs related to a disability
  • Additional required program fees and expenses

Estimated 2017 – 2018 Summer Term Cost (Asia Campus)

UAC summer term tuition schedule is based on a $350 per credit fee.

Annual Estimated Cost of Attendance – Graduate Students

Information on tuition and fees for graduate students enrolled in the Master of Public Health Program can be found at

In preparation for the final year of study in Salt Lake City, non-U.S. citizens will be required to apply for a student visa. Successful application for the student visa requires, in part, a financial statement showing, currently, a minimum of $39,350 (undergraduate students) or $43,925 (graduate students) in liquid assets. More information about the student visa application process can be found here.


  • Nonrefundable fees include application fees for admission and readmission fees. 
  • Courses with irregular start/end dates, workshops, and short term courses, which do not correspond with the first and last weeks or the regular term, may be dropped if no more than 15 percent of the coursework has been completed. Refunds will be based on the length of the class

SUMMER Term 2017 REFUND SCHEDULE   Drop from a class(es) before 5:00 p.m.:

Percent RefundDate
100%Through June 27, 2017
0%After June 27, 2017
Withdrawal from the University for the Term
0%After June 27, 2017