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The UAC Success Stories

The UAC CID enhances UAC students' internship opportunities through MOUs with employers. We also provide job interviews on campus and the opportunity to learn about the application process. The center aims to connect UAC students to employers and help them learn about the current employment market to help them prepare for the current job market.



The Center signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Blackstone Music Records for students who are interested in media and marketing.  With the signing of the MOU UAC students are given regular internship opportunities, which allow them to work for at least a month and up to a semester with Blackstone Music Records. More than ten students were given the opportunity with Black Stone Records for the semester to pursue career-linked internships.

The MOU with Westco opens the way for internship programs with the publisher for Incheon city and other cities. They offer UAC students  a short term internship, 3 weeks during summer vacation, providing 3 credits. Also, students can have the opportunity during semester and UAC has a chance for class projects with Westco to learn the real process of publishing a city magazine. It is located five minutes away from the UAC campus and this will make students easy to take the opportunity while studying during the semester.

The meeting with Equador ambassador leads UAC to open  opportunities for the UAC students to work for the Ecuadorian embassy  and to bring international Ecuador students to the UAC. We agreed to work together in pursuing common Academic Cooperation Goals. It is located in Jongno-gu, Seoul, which is convenient for students who stay in Seoul during summer and winter vacation.  The Ecuadorian embassy offers trainee and student ambassador programs for  UAC students. Try for the opportunity and you will get it.




EAAFP Secretariat (Sourced from EAAFP facebook)
Please welcome our new communication assistant intern, Ms. Haejin Park. She will be with us in the coming 6 months!
“Hello, I am Haejin Park, majoring in Communication at the University of Utah. I have a special interest in sustainable development, so I am excited to work for EAAFP as a communication assistant. I am willing to contribute myself to raise awareness about migratory water birds, and also expect to learn a lot from this internship opportunity to work with professionals from various backgrounds."


Spanish Chamber of Commerce

My experiences of Career and Internship Development Center at the University of Utah Asia Campus were very helpful. Before my graduation, I was worried about my future job after graduating from university. At then, I heard that the Career and Internship Development Center was newly opened in the Asia Campus. When I first visited the center, Jinnie Park, the assistant director for the center, welcomed me. She tried to make me comfortable and asked me a lot of questions about myself and the job that I want to have. She gave me many options such as internships or full-time jobs and helped me how to find a better job. Whenever I visited the center, she always gave me advice as much as she could and it motivated me to work hard. One day, Jinnie Park recommendED me an internship position in the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ESSCK) and it was the job that I was looking for. Before I apply to the position, Jinnie Park looked through my resume and cover letter. Finally, I got the internship at ESSCK and when I told that to Jinnie, she was so happy about it. Now, I am excited to work as an intern at ESSCK and I will keep visiting the Career and Internship Development Center. I really appreciate Jinnie for her help and I want to recommend all students do not hesitate and just visit the center if they have any questions about internships or their future jobs.



My working experience at Blackstone Records was helpful for me to learn and mature. I am thankful for the Career and Internship Development Center and the Blackstone Records which offered me a great chance to work with the great staff members. The task that I was assigned to was scheduling and contacting the participants of D-1 concert. Since the supervisor at my work gave me a room to be responsible and flexible, I worked a lot more reliable and independent towards the end of the internship period. It was a great opportunity to develop communication skills among the interns and the supervisor. Also, I could develop cooperative skills and teamwork through this internship. I highly recommend this internship opportunity to anyone interested in learning and practice on effective and Collaborative communicating skills. From the skills gained in Blackstone Records, I applied to the UNDRR. While preparing, the CIDC prepared me with the mock interviews. I will be working at the UNDRR for 5 months as a volunteer.



Westco (Incheon Now Magazine)

I would not hesitate to say that the best experience I had throughout my college years is the internship at Westco. Although, I am majoring in Strategic Communication, I had chances to take some of the Journalism classes and was always interested in taking a further step into Journalism in terms of a career. As I am a senior graduating this year, I wanted to try something new and the internship at Westco approached to me as the window for variation.

Not only could I learn about the appropriate attitudes for Korean films, but I could also have various opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. Especially, interviewing deans of universities at IGC was the turning point in my life. When I was assigned with the task, I was very nervous. However, while preparing for my interviews my strain became confidence. Eventually, I could successfully finish the task. I have learned what responsibility is and how to deal with such pressure. I would definitely recommend visiting the career center if you would like to have a turning point in your life. It is not just about getting a career, but rather learning how to be responsible and how to express yourself in proper ways.




First of all, thank you to the Career Center. When I entered University of Utah Asia Campus, I wanted to build my career specifications through internships or volunteer work whenever possible. However, the activities related to my department, Civil Engineering, were really difficult to find and didn't exist very much. Especially, since my desired career is related to the environment, most of the activities related to the environment were like environmental purification (clean up) activities, and I have experienced these activities when I was in middle school and high school, so I wanted to do more professional activities. So, while I was thinking about it, through my close student who works at the Career Center, I was informed that I could do volunteer work for a short time at Green Climate Fund, an affiliated organization of UN located in Songdo. I've never thought of the fact that in applying, I could have this valuable experience. Also, I look forward to volunteering and gaining experience that I've never experienced before. I would like to thank all of you who work at the Career Center of the Asia Campus for valuable experience.



Hello. I am a junior student at University of Utah Asia Campus, majoring in Psychology. I am currently doing my internship at WHO Collaborating Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Community Mental Health in Korea. I believe that engaging in internship program is the best way to obtain hands-on experience that enable students to develop key skills that they can't get in a classroom. I have learned fruitful skills such as multitasking, communicating, learning to deal with diversity, and dealing with deadlines while working as an intern at WHO Collaborating Centre. Moreover, internships are also a great way to build network with people in the industry. The internship experience I had as challenging as it was interesting. I was given responsibilities that made me get more involved with the program mission. What I personally found a crucial part of my internship was the communication. It made me feel connected to the activity of the assigned program. A piece of advice I would like to give for future interns is to give your best no matter where you are. I am sure this will let you find a true insight of your interest. Also, do not forget to visit and get a help from Career and Internship Development Center. Through CIDC at UAC, I was able to find and apply for jobs, get a career counseling and also successfully write my Korean and English resume and cover letter.


Last Updated: 9/24/20