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Sonia KimAssistant Director:

Sonia Kim is the Assistant Director at the University of Utah Asia Campus Career & Internship Development Center. With over 25 years of diverse working experience in the field of Human Resources, Business Strategy & Planning, and Sustainability Management in the US, UK, and Asia countries, Sonia has developed helping people achieve their professional objectives and profession goals. As a certified career coach and business consultant, she conducted hundreds of interviews and corporate selection and career development consulting services widely in multi-cultural contexts. She holds an MBA and a Master of Science in Intercultural communication at the University of Warwick, UK. Based on her extensive field experiences at global companies and higher educational institutions, the UAC Career & Internship Development Center provides practical career & internship development services for the UAC students, alumni, and employers. 


Phone: 032-626-6200 (+82 32 626 6200)

Office Location U 726

Assistant Director & Career ambassadors will help you through...

  • Workshops for learning career market through workshops
  • Building your initial and professional resume/CV and cover letter
  • Learning about yourself for career path
  • Sharing internship experiences
  • Assisting to find internships and jobs
  • Conducting mock job interviews
  • Assisting with various assessments related to career path


Phone: 032-626-6198 (+82 32 626 6198)


Resume/CV & Cover Letter 1

Choose "Resume & Cover Letter 1" appointment type if you do not have a resume or do not know how to write a resume.

Resume/CV & Cover Letter 2

Choose "Resume & Cover Letter 2" appointment type if you have a resume and cover letter, but want to improve or do not know how to change for the job you applied for.

Career Advising

Choose "Career Advising" appointment type if you want to get advice about your career plan.

Job & Internships Search Resources & Strategies

Choose "Job & Internships Search Resources & Strategies" appointment type if you want to find internships or job opportunities.

Interview Preparation & Mock InterviewChoose "Interview Preparation & Mock Interview" appointment type if you want to practice job interviews. Please bring the job description you applied for and your most current resume.
Graduate School Search & PreparationChoose "Graduate School Search & Preparation" appointment type if you are considering a graduate school program after UAC.
Career AssessmentChoose "Career Assessment" appointment type if you want to do career assessment.


The UAC CID Center provides career workshops at least 3 times a semester for UAC students .  It aims to help UAC students  understand the current job market and help them to write resumes , prepare for job interviews and find future career goals. The center will bring professional lecturers to the workshops and collaborate with the other IGC universities. This will give students the opportunity to practice job interviews and resume writing based on the job they apply for.




The UAC CID center holds workshops for students;

  • To inform on the role of the center
  • To assist job fair and job & internship opportunity
  • To advise on resume/CV and cover letter in both English and Korean.

Through the CID workshops students will understand the job market, meet employers and prepare for their career.


The CEO of Black Stone Records introduced their work and facilities to the UAC students during the center workshop. After the workshop, he interviewed sixteen applicants for hiring interns.

The UAC students had on-campus interviews with Westco. Students brought their most current resume and cover letter and they had an interview with the CEO of Westco and a director.

Last Updated: 4/5/20