Professor Angelea Panos

Social Work and Psychology
Work Areas of Expertise: Trauma and Resiliency
UAC Courses: Sociology, Psychology, Social Work
Phone: 032-626-6210 (+82 32-626-6210)
Office: U0840

Dr. Angelea Panos is a neuropsychologist and social worker with over 30 years of experience in clinical work, research and teaching. She has published extensively on both primary and secondary trauma and resiliency. She has consulted globally, including for agencies and governments in Kuwait, Kenya, Mozambique, Thailand, Italy, England, and Mexico. Additionally, she has accomplished global research evaluating public health programs addressing trauma and HIV prevention. Dr. Panos has created and implemented programs to assess and treat trauma in war refugees, as well as street children.

Finally, Dr. Panos is a certified yoga teacher and integrates yoga teachings with her clinical work. She enjoys mentoring youth, including her own grandchildren and great-grandchildren.