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Meet our Staff                                                                       

Working closely with the Academic Advising Center will help you access resources for your education and help you achieve your academic goals.

At the Academic Advising Center, there are two Advisors and peer advisors(PA) for your majors to serve UAC students.



SuHyen Heather Um, M.Ed.
Sr. Undergraduate Student Advisor
032-626-6126, U202-1

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  • Civil Engineering, Communication, Film & Media Arts Advising ONLY
  • Cross-registration
  • Academic Standards

Heidi Kim, MBA.
Undergraduate Student Advisor
032-626-6126, U202-3

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  • Psychology and Urban Ecology Advising ONLY
  • Textbook order & distribution
  • Class Scheduling


  1. Click “Book An Appointment” under the adivsors or go to the web page:
  2. Create your login ID and pass words: make sure you use your UID
  3. Login with your UID and passwords
  4. Select drop down menu of “Academic Advising Center”
  5. Select the advisor you are willing to meet
  6. Select the time that you are available in white box
  7. Type your UID, phone number, and the topic you would like to talk about with your advisor
  8. Appointment is set!
  9. Be on time for the appointment in U202

*Walk-ins are available to meet with peer advisors

  •  Listen attentively to your questions and concerns, and maintain confidentiality.
  • Respect your unique interests, abilities, and circumstances.
  • Help you explore a variety of academic options that support your personal and career interests.
  • Explain general education requirements.
  • Explain the various Communication/Psychology/Film and Media Arts/Urban Ecology degree requirements.
  • Assist you in building an appropriate class schedule.
  • Refer you to appropriate campus resources as needed.
  • Help you learn how to search out answers for yourself.
  • Make decisions for you. Choices you make about courses to take or what to major/minor in must be yours, since the results of those decisions affect your future.
  • Clear you for graduation. While the Undergraduate Advising Services can help you plan your courses to meet graduation requirements and sign graduation papers, you are responsible for making sure that you have met the requirements. The graduation office has the final authority in determining when you have satisfied all of the requirements for your degree.
  • Compile a list of your questions. Questions are encouraged! Let us know when you need assistance with classes, ways to get involved, or even personal health concerns.
  • Ensure your AP, IB and concurrent enrollment credits (if you have them) have been posted.
  • Be prepared for advising sessions by bringing appropriate documents, making a list of questions and planning a tentative schedule.
  • Honestly communicate your unique interests, abilities, and circumstances with your advisor.
  • Take responsibility for achieving your success and accepting the consequences of your academic and personal decisions.
  • Meet with your advisor regularly, we recommend meeting with an advisor every semester.
  • Make sure that your AP, IB and transfer credits have been transferred to the U for evaluation.
  • Arrive for your appointment on time. If you need to cancel, please let us know ASAP to allow us to assist other students needing appointments.

 Go to Index --> Major Declaration --> Your Major 

Or follow this link

Reasons to declare your major:

  • You must declare a major to graduate (Note: Pre-Majors need to declare)
  • Declaring a major early may save your time and money
  • Establishes a catalog year (This means your major requirements won’t change for 5 years)
  • Once you declare a major, you could qualify for departmental scholarships
  • Declaring helps your departmental advisor assist you with graduation
  • You will avoid getting a hold that prevents future registration (Undeclared students with 60+ credits will receive a hold that prevents class registration)


Meet Your Peer Advisors 2019

UAC Peer Advisor Program


It is our mission as PAs to assist students by the following:

  • Giving students correct information
  • Being professional and courteous
  • Supporting the students' academic development and achievement at the UAC


The goals of this program are to...

  • Increase student satisfaction
  • Contribute to a thorough student support system
  • Develop meaningful connections between new and more experienced students
  • Help students build self-esteem as well as self-confidence

Benefits of being a Peer Advisor

The PA program is a great benefit to our freshmen students, but also provides many learning and growth opportunities for the Peer Advisors. Once you become a Peer Advisor, with the suppoert from the Academic Advisor and the fellow PAs, you will be able to...

  • Enhance your leadership and coaching skills
  • Become more actively involved at the UAC community
  • Contribute to the intellectual and personal growth of students
  • Enhance your problem solving skills
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Establish positive relationships with the Academic Advisor and your major's faculty

In addition, the PA position will look great on a resume and provides great talking points during an interview to discuss times when you led others, overcame a problem, or had to engage in difficult conversations.

PAs that go above and beyond their work can also ask the Academic Advisor for a letter of recommendation when applying to graduate school or jobs.

**Notice for PA position will be annouced if there are vacant places for PA positions!


Current Peer Advisors


 Fall 19- PAs
civil engineering


Yeonjae Kim





Haeun Kim


Film & Media Arts



Sangji Kim


film & media Arts


Taeyoung Lee




Dongyoung Mok




Eunji Hyun




 Spring 20- PAs



Seoyeon Kang


Film & Media arts


Heejae Kim




Seon Park




Chanbin Lee


Last Updated: 2/20/20