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General Education


First-year students complete a set of foundational courses: A two-three semester sequence on introductory major courses; courses to develop academic writing skills; and also math and science. The second year is focused on coursework for the major.

Students will typically spend two semesters, roughly around their third year of studies, at the University of Utah Salt Lake City campus. The fourth year integrates degree coursework with career readiness and preparation.

You should be able to see the courses that you can take to fulfill general education by Running Audit on your Degree Dashboard.

Follow this link to see further details.

**In order to take Math and Writing classes, students MUST complete the Accuplacer Test.

Please follow the link below to learn more about the test.

accuplacer test

 Here is the worksheet that shows what you need to fulfill:  

Graduation Requirement Worksheet

Last Updated: 9/24/20