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Victoria Joiner

Program: Film & Media Arts

Home Country: Texas, USA


How did you first hear about the UAC?

I actually heard about a different school on the Incheon Global Campus first, at a college fair. I was talking about how I wanted to study abroad, I didn’t want to stay in America. And they said they had a campus here, so I was looking at the majors and I wasn’t really interested in any of them, unfortunately. But in looking at IGC I saw that Utah was here and that they had the Film & Media Arts major so I was really interested in that, and that’s how I learned about it.


What made you choose to attend the UAC over other schools?

I wanted to get some experience outside of the US. This is my first time being outside of America. So when I saw that it had the 3+1 program I thought that’s probably what’s best for me. And after I saw that UAC had the major I wanted, I looked at the Instagram page and I found some of the international students here and I messaged them, and it made me feel a little more at ease about coming to Korea, it made me more comfortable so I chose to come here.


What would you say are some of the highlights of student life?

There’s a lot more opportunities, for example going to the Busan International Film Festival, or the study abroad programs in Italy. We get so many opportunities coming here. There’s more culture. Even though America is super diverse, here you’re really immersed in it, especially with all the different students here, you’re getting to learn about a new culture one on one.


What would you say to a prospective international student who’s thinking about coming to the UAC?

Come! It’s a lot of fun and I think it’s a great opportunity to learn and find yourself. You’re pushed into a different country without necessarily knowing much about it, and you get to really learn more about yourself, what you want to do, it gives you a whole new perspective. And I think it’s a super fun experience.


Last Updated: 9/24/20