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Lean Agravante

Program: Psychology

Home Country: Philippines


How did you first hear about the UAC?

I’ve been in Korea for about four years now, but I come from an international school so I wasn’t very comfortable going to a Korean university. My older brother told me about the IGC, how there are a bunch of international universities here. So I looked into these universities and I found the major I wanted at Utah.


What made you choose to attend the UAC over other schools?

They have the major I was looking for. I want to go into education in the future, but psychology is a good major to go into, because you can apply it to a lot of things. And I know that Utah has a good reputation for its psychology major.


What would you say are some of the highlights of student life?

I think the one thing that people notice, especially for international students, is that living in Korea is very convenient, and helps you be really independent. Public transportation here is really convenient and you can get anywhere pretty easily. You see kids riding public transportation all the time in Korea as young as 5 years old! I think that’s one thing that really stood out and has a lot of benefits, whether you’re going out to meet people or you want to travel and visit other parts of Korea.
Also, the language barrier may be a bit difficult at first, but it’s not too difficult to overcome. At the UAC, you’ll meet a lot of people from all over. And it’s a small enough campus that you get to really connect with people, especially if you live in the dorm.


What would you say to a prospective international student who’s thinking about coming to the UAC?

I think if you really want to experience a culture outside of your own, especially if you’ve never been to Korea or Asia in general, Korea is a great place to experience and get involved in the culture. It may be an American campus but a lot of the relationships you make will be with Korean students. So if you’re considering UAC, even just a little bit, I’d say try to talk to some people and try to get to know Korean culture, and see if it’s something you would like to get involved with.


Last Updated: 9/24/20