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Heather meyer

Program: Communication

Home Country: California, USA


How did you first hear about the UAC?

I first heard about the UAC when I went to KCon, which is a Korean culture convention in Los Angeles. I was looking for a study abroad program, mostly through schools in California but they were so expensive, I thought I wouldn’t ever be able to afford it. Then conveniently when I was at KCon I happened to walk by the college fair and the UAC was there and I thought “Oh wow, this is perfect, and it’s not really that expensive.” So that’s why I came.


What made you choose to attend the UAC over other schools?

At the UAC you study for the same American degree and at a cheaper price. In most study abroad programs, you’re enrolled at a foreign university, so usually you would have to know some of the language or it’ll be kind of difficult. Here it’s more convenient because I can do my degree and I can also learn the language, but I don’t have to be forced to learn it in a difficult way and be stressed, I can just take my classes in English and learn the culture and language on the side.


What would you say are some of the highlights of student life?

I’m an Orientation Leader so I like that we can have these leadership positions where we get to put on events that we like. It lets us be more involved and help others be more involved, I like that part of student life. 
I also like the diversity here, even though it’s small right now, it keeps growing every year. I like meeting new students from different countries. I like learning about their perspectives on things, especially in class. You get more than just the American or Korean perspective, you get to hear what a Chinese person thinks or what a Filipino person was taught. And I’ve learned a lot because of that, I’ve learned things I wouldn’t have learned if I hadn’t come here, because I never would have met those people.


What would you say to a prospective international student who’s thinking about coming to the UAC?

I would say just do it, even if you’re scared. Even if you don’t like it, you can always go to the Salt Lake Campus, right? And also I think here you learn more than you would ever learn there. In America we’ve learned the same things up until college and even in college, we often study the same things. But being here, the courses are still English courses and have an American background. But for example, I’ve learned so much about Korea, and about Asian history that I had never learned in the US. So I would say if someone wants to learn more, from a different perspective, I’d say come here.


Last Updated: 9/24/20