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Emma Hansen

Program: Film & Media Arts

Home Country: USA


How did you first hear about the UAC?

I originally heard about the UAC through a friend, she’s really into KPop so she told me about it. I’ve always been really interested in learning about cultures, I’ve always been interested in traveling. So since I was a kid I knew I didn’t want to stay in the US for my education. I became interested in Korea pretty recently and when I found out there was a campus here I thought it might be a good idea. So it just kind of happened, pretty quickly.


What made you choose to attend the UAC over other schools?

I’m from Utah, so that’s definitely one thing. Those two semesters that we study at the Salt Lake City campus, I can just be home. And I knew the University of Utah is a really well-regarded school with good programs. The program I wanted was either Film & Media Arts or Psychology, and I had the option to do either one here.


What would you say are some of the highlights of student life?

There’s definitely a lot more to do around here than there is in the US around colleges, partly because we’re in a city. So you can walk to a lot of places, or there’s the bus or the subway. In the US things are farther apart. Here it’s a lot more convenient to go out and do things and there’s more to do. And there’s lots of good places to eat. And on campus it’s really fun, all the activities we do bring together the international students and the Korean students, so I like to experience their culture and also introduce American culture to them.


What would you say to a prospective international student who’s thinking about coming to the UAC?

It’s definitely a lot harder to come than you think it will be, before I came I was really just excited to go to this country, I didn’t really think about what it would be like not speaking the language and being in a culture that’s so different. It can take some time to become friends with Korean students, but it’s definitely worth it to come and experience the different cultures.


Last Updated: 9/24/20