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Academic Affairs/ Administrative Staff

Alexis Choi
Undergraduate Student Academic Advisor
Ext. 6110
Location: 739
Greg Hill
Chief Administrative Officer/Dean of Faculty
Ext. 6011
Location: 808
Heein Kang
IT Manager
Ext. 6121
Location: 852
Heidi HyeJin Kim
Undergraduate Student Academic Advisor
Ext. 6225
Location: 738
Louise Kim
Executive Director of Business Operations
Ext. 6125
Location: 807
Seo-young Kim
Administrative Assistant to Academic Affairs
Ext. 6003
Location: 813
J.J Lee
Executive Director of Campus Operations and Government Affairs
Ext. 6120
Location: 851
Randy McCrillis
Executive Director/Dean of Students
Location: 855
James Park
Director of External Relations and Alumni Relations
Ext. 6009
Location: 857
Jason Park
Operations Team Associate
Ext. 6008
Location: 853
Kyunghee Park
IT Junior
Ext. 6124
Location: 861
Sunhee Park
Executive Assistant
Ext. 6004
Location: 806
Francis Schortgen
Associate Dean of Faculty
Jung A Seo
Immigration, VISA and Hiring Specialist
Ext. 6123
Location: 858
Heejin Tae
Junior Accountant
Ext. 6221
Location: U859
Sae-won Um
Junior Accountant
Ext. 6161
Location: 854
Suhyen Um
Sr. Undergraduate Student Academic Advisor
Ext. 6100
Location: 740