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Lee Yongtae

Honorary Chairman of the Sambo Computer

Dr. Yongtae Lee, Founder and Honorary Chairman of Sambo Computer, is a pioneer who first introduced the personal computer to the Korean market and later expanded the computer business into the global market. In the early 1970s, he developed the first Hangul input and output terminals, CIA system while working at KAIST. He is a technologist who developed the computerization of the public transportation system of Korea and helped the Korean government and public government organizations create computerized administration systems. Dr. Yong Tae Lee greatly contributed to building the national administrative computerized network and supplied localized computers to governmental organizations.

In addition, Dr. Yongtae Lee hosted the first Korean Information Expo in 1996 and enhanced the reputation of the Korean IT industry worldwide. He received his PhD in statistical physics at the University of Utah. After coming back to Korea, he worked as a professor and trained many talented computer technology experts in Korea.

Last Updated: 9/24/20